Welcome to my ePortfolio!

My name is Chelsey Price and I am a student at Davis Applied Technology College located in Kaysville, Utah. I am currently enrolled in their Information Technology program and am working my way toward becoming a network administrator. I love IT and everything about it – it just makes sense to me! I have gone to school in pursuit of a few different careers and this is the first time I am actually excited about the field I am going into. I love what I am learning and I look forward to having a career in IT. I enjoy the troubleshooting process and helping others identify and solve their computer-related problems. I know that personally, having an IT career will have a huge payoff in the fact that I will be helping others and doing what I love. I know that gaining the knowledge and skills that I need to be successful in my future IT career will help me to look forward to going to work every day and that in itself is worth it!

In my ePortfolio, you will find this welcome page, along with a page about myself and other pages about the courses I have taken so far in the program at DATC. In the menu above, click on the “About” section for more information about me. Click on the “Coursework” section to read about my coursework at DATC. Underneath the “Coursework” section are individual sections for each class I have completed thus far. Finally, I have a “Blog” section you can visit to read updates about my progress in the IT program.