The following is a list of courses I am required to take for the IT program at DATC. I have completed four of the core classes so far and will continue to work through the rest of the program.

Core Classes (450 Hours):

ITEC 1100: Introduction to Information Technology – Completed

ITEC 1016: CompTIA Strata IT Fundamentals – Completed

ITEC 1018: Linux Essentials – Completed

ITEC 1021: Web Development Fundamentals – Completed

ITEC 1025: Microsoft Network Fundamentals

ITEC 1035: Database and Scripting Fundamentals

ITEC 1050: Cybersecurity Essentials

WKSK 1500: Job Seeking Skills

Emphasis in Hardware & Networking (750 hours):

ITEC 1356: CompTIA A+ Essentials

ITEC 1456: CompTIA A+ Practical Application

ITEC 2208: CompTIA Network + 2015

ITEC 2276: CompTIA Cloud Essentials

ITEC 2750: Cisco Certified Network Associate I

ITEC 2755: Cisco Certified Network Associate II