ITEC 1018 – Linux Essentials

ITEC 1018 Course Overview:

The Linux Essentials course is taught through the Cisco Networking Academy website. This course is designed for those who want to learn the basics of the Linux operating system to assist them in their future IT career. This course helps to create a fundamental understanding of how the Linux operating system works and how it is used including use of the command line. Basic Linux commands are explained and skills are developed using these commands through various lab activities. Basic concepts of open-source are explained along with the Linux file system and how it operates.

Course Reflection: What I Learned in ITEC 1018

I learned a lot during this course. I will admit that this course was challenging but I learned a lot about Linux and how it works. Before taking this course, I knew next to nothing about the Linux operating system, let alone the Linux command line. I learned a lot about how the Linux operating system works, especially when it comes to the command line. I know that I need to have at least a basic understanding of commands and how the command line works and this course definitely helped me achieve that. I am now able to execute basic commands and work with files on the shell. I still feel as though I have a lot more to learn about Linux, but the Linux Essentials course helped me to have a basic understanding of how it operates which I know will be helpful to me in my future IT career.