ITEC 1100 – Introduction to Information Technology


ITEC 1100 Course Overview:

I have completed the course ITEC 1000 (Introduction to Information Technology). This course covers the basics of technology today and explains how computers and the internet works. A major component of this course is practical application and how technology influences us today in our everyday lives. Technology is everywhere and it is important for us to understand the basics of how that technology functions. Computer and internet terminology is discussed along with identification and functionality of computer hardware and software. The history of the computer and other technology is discussed to help us understand how far it has come and how it will develop in the future. This course also covers the functions of a computer and how data is stored and used.


Course Reflection: What I Learned in ITEC 1100

I learned a lot during this course. Before taking this course, I thought I knew all the basics of how a computer works and the terminology used, but I was wrong. I have learned first and foremost that technology is always improving and advancing and will only continue to do so. In order to be successful in an IT career, you must have a basic of understanding of computers and how they function. Course Reflection:

So many of us rely on technology, especially when it comes to data storage. Today, the majority of pictures are taken with digital cameras and cell phones and are stored on various devices. I have learned the huge role that cloud storage has in many of our lives today. We want to be able to store and access our personal memories and other data/information for years to come and this is possible with cloud storage and other technology such as M-discs (Millennial discs).
One way I have benefited from taking this course is being able to apply what I have learned to my personal life, not just in my future career. For example, the things I have learned about data storage and how it works can help me utilize different sources to store and preserve my personal pictures and memories so that I will have them for years to come.

I have always been fascinated with technology and how it works. This course has only helped me realize how much I love learning about and working with computers.


For part of my final project for this class, I created a career path document to essentially “map out” my plan for my future IT career. You can view my career path by clicking on the link below: